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Certifications - Standard Areas of Knowledge
Information Technology
Software Development Life Cycle
Applied Structured Systems Analysis
Applied Structured Systems Design
Object Oriented Paradigm
Computer-Aided Software Engineering & Hands-on Tutorials
Software Project Management
Certifications - Advanced Areas of Knowledge
Future Industry Trends
Web Applications Services & Technologies Course
Agile Development
Component Object Development
Software Configuration Management
Software Quality Assurance
Software Testing
Certifications - Specialized Areas of Knowledge
Rapid Delivery Workshop for Enterprise Architecture
Enterprise Architecture for Managers and IT Professionals
Rapid Delivery Methods for Enterprise Architecture

Please email us at if you have any problems in viewing or questions after viewing the videos for any of the units.

Trial Demos of Educational Solutions and Distance Learning Programs

Welcome to the Visible Distance Learning Certification Programs. Here you will find a wide range of video educational films across a wide range of topics relative to Business Analyst, Project Managers, Systems Designers and Software Engineers.

Breakout of Video Segments available for purchase separately include: Software Engineering Methodology, Software Project Management, Web Applications, Software Engineering Discipline, Agile Development, Component Object Development, Software Configuration Management, Software Quality Assurance, Software Testing and Enterprise Architecture. The videos are organized in 15 modules that all together comprise 125 hours of video instruction. Each module is broken out into individual lessons or segments.

You are welcome to view our videos from a partial list of videos that are now available for evaluation purposes. Please note that only one video session can be checked out for evaluation purposes at any given time. Once an evaluation of that video is submitted then you will be able to view and evaluate another video segment or session.


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